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Delia Knight Crocken

Descendants of Thomas Knight

Delia2 Knight (Thomas1) was born February 02, 1875 in City of Dunmore, Town of Kilnalappa, County Galway, Ireland, and died September 01, 1943 in Baltimore, Md., St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore.She married Nelson Thomas Crocken, Jr. February 08, 1899 in Baltimore, Md., St. Jerome’s Church, 775 W. Hamburg St., son of Nelson Crocken and Ellen McHugh.He was born December 06, 1874 in Baltimore, Md., and died April 27, 1954 in St. Agnes Hospital,Baltimore, Maryland.

Notes for Delia Knight:
Delia (aka Brigitt) Agnes Knight Crocken came to the United States in 1893, (according to the 1910 Census,)Her birthday has been noted as Feb. 2, 1877 on her death certificate.However, her daughter Helen, wrote that her mother's birthday was February 2, 1875.The 1910 Census lists her age as 35 years.Efforts to determine exactly when she arrived in the U.S., have been unsuccessful
to date.

(4/24/2001)Delia was born in County Galway, City of Dunmore, Town of Kilnalappa.This spelling from a reply to
IRE query ) Helen spelled it Killanappe. PoorLaw Union, Glennamaddy.

Delia was shown as Brigitt A. Knight on Marriage Certificate.Delia married Nelson Thomas Crocken, Jr., February 8,
1899. ( Certificate of Marriage from St. Jerome's Church, 775 W. Hamburg St., Baltimore, Md.Reverend James P. Holden
officiated. Witnesses were James Denelan and Helen Garvey.Information provided by Rev. John Harvey, Pastor,
December 7, 2000. )

Delia and Nelson were not found in the 1900 or 1920 Census Records.

The 1910 Census indicates Nelson and Delia were living at 1322 Pratt Street, Baltimore, Md. Children Helen,
Mary(Mamie), Nelson Joseph, Norah and an adopted daughter Mary Kennedy.The latter presumed to be the daughter
of Delia's sister Margaret.

The 1930 Census shows Delia and husband, Nelson, Jr., living at 601 Mt. Holly St., Baltimore.Both were listed as
being 55 years. On the baptismal record for her daughter, Helen, she was shown as Delia Knight Crocken.

Delia died September 1, 1943, at Bon Secour Hospital, Baltimore, Md.Time ofDeath 1:45 AM. Cause of Death,paralytic
Illness.Ulrich Funeral Home, 2004 Orleans Street, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, handled arrangements.Burial was at New
Cathedral Cemetery, September 4, 1943.Informant was Mrs. Nora T. Wohler, 601 Mt. Holly St., Baltimore, Maryland.
(Transcribed from Maryland Death Certificate)

Notes for Nelson Thomas Crocken, Jr.:
Nelson T. Crocken, Jr., was born to Ellen McHugh Crocken and Nelson Thomas Crocken, Sr., December 6,
1874, in Baltimore,Maryland.He married Brigette Agnes Knight (aka Delia Agnes ) February 8, 1899 in
Baltimore, Md., St. Jerome's Church.

She was born February 2, 1875, in City of Dunmore, Town of Kilnalappa, County of Galway, Ireland, and
died in Baltimore, September 1, 1943.

Nelson Thomas Crocken, Jr. registered for the draft for WW 1, September 12, 1918. He was employed as
a Painter at the Naval Academy Junc(sic) in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, by W B & A RR.He resided
with wife, Delia Agnes at 1322 Pratt Street, Baltimore.He was tall and of medium build with grey eyes and
dirt (sic)colored hair

Nelson Thomas Crocken, Jr., was a talented sign painter.He made his living painting free hand, in gold
leaf, on the sides of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Cars, banks, law offices and other institutions.He also painted
the Gold Dome of St. Bernadine's Church in Baltimore.

Nelson Thomas, Jr. died, April 27, 1954, at St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, Md.He was 79 years of age
and lived at 1929 Maisel St. Baltimore, Md.Cause of death was Acute Cerebral Vascular Accident.

Marriage Notes for Delia Knight and Nelson Crocken:
Reverend James P. Holden officiated, St. Jeromes Church, 775 W. Hamburg St., Baltimore, Md.Witnesses were James
Denelan and Helen Garvey.( Information provided by Rev. John Hardey, Pastor, December 7, 2000. ) Delia was listed a
Brigitt A. Knight on Marriage Certificate.

This was also the date of the Big Blizzard of 1899.

Children of Delia Knight and Nelson Crocken are:

i.HELEN VERONICACROCKEN, b. November 20, 1899, Baltimore, Maryland; d. February 23, 1985, Avon Park, Florida; m. GEORGE MARLOW CALVERT, November 20, 1918, Baltimore, Maryland; b. July 27, 1899, Syracuse, New York; d. June 07, 1935, Rome, New York.


Helen was born at 5:00 A.M., November 20, 1899 at 2538 Wilkins Avenue, Baltimore.Her baptismal certificate, dated December 3, 1899, showed her as the daughter of Thomas Crocken and Delia Knight Crocken.Reverend F. William, OSB officiated.Sponsors were William Crocken and Ellen Garvey.Is Ellen, also Helen, who witnessed the marriage of Helen's parents?( Information from the Baptismal Records at St. Benedict Church, 2612 Wilkins Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland, supplied by Stephen Wendell, OSB, Pastor,February 27,1976. )

Helen met and married George Calvert after he was blinded.They were the first couple of the young soldiers from Evergreen (more on Evergreen, in notes for George M. Calvert) to be married.The wedding was solemnized by Father Collins,of St. Martin's Catholic Church in Baltimore, Md., November 20, 1918.Her sister, Mary Crocken was bridesmaid.After the wedding, Helen returned to work at The American Protective League, in the Keyser Building in Baltimore.

When George brought his brideto Syracuse,they moved in with George's older brother, Albert and wife, Bernice and their two children, Bernice and Georgia.The January 1920 Census shows the Calvert's living at 329 Wilkinson Street, Syracuse.Albert was 26 yrs. old, Bernice 24 yrs., George 22 and Helen 20.Albert was shown as being employed as a Linotype Operator and George was self employed as a Medical Masseur.

The owner's of the two family house were the Flavin's, who lived on the ground floor.Helen had a long friendship with the Flavin's.Years after Helen and George moved away from there, she would take her two daughters for a visit.The girls were instructed to sit quietly with a book and not speak unless spoken to. They must have moved to an upper flat at 3612 S. Salina St., Syracuse, shortly after the Census was taken. Helen was pregnant with Muriel, who was born May 26, 1920, while they lived on S. Salina St.

In 1923 or 24, they bought a house at 2016 Midland Avenue in Syracuse, N.Y.She took great pride in her home and family.One of her great passions was decorating and maintaining the family home.She had arranged to have central air conditioning installed in the year 1934, when at the time, there were only five other residences in Syracuse, that had this marvelous new convenience. Only a few of the downtown theaters enjoyed this comfort.She also oversaw the proper attire for her husband, as he was becoming more well known and active in political and veterans affairs.

August 12, 1925, Helen purchased a Nash Sedan. ( She was pregnant with her third child, Lucille.) This autowaspriced at $1730.39, which included such extra accessories as a Tire tube, Cover Motometer and bar cap bumpers, front and rear. After a cash down payment of $130.69, $500.00 allowance for trade-in, leaving a balance of 12 monthly payments of $105.10.She drove that venerable auto to Baltimore every summer for ten years, taking her two daughters with her.Those trips always include visits to see her favorite Aunt, Mamie Jones ( Mary Jane Crocken) on Maisel St.In addition, she traveled to Washington, D. C. visit cousin Mary Kennedy, who was the daughter of Margaret Knight, (sister of Delia) and family.The annual trips continued up to the time her husband
passed away.

Upon Georges death, her income was reduced considerably.She struggled to keep a good home for her daughters. The country was still in the depression and jobs were scarce.By 1939, there were reports of job opportunities in Washington. She sought help frommany of her husbands' influential friends, but was not successful in this endeavor.Helen eventually moved to New York City, where she managed a hearing aid store.She was also involvedin the sale of these products.

In 1955, Helen moved to Florida, first to the Miami area and then to Fort Lauderdale.She renovated and sold several homes, realizing a small profit each time. During that time she also was employed as a secretary and engaged in real estate salesIn 1972, Helen moved to Avon Park, to escape the continued growth and high prices in the coastal area.This would beher final move and she would never know that her daughters followed her to the Sunshine State.

Her oldest daughter, Muriel, moth balled her home in upstate New York and devoted herself to caring for her ailing mother, Helen, during the last two years of her life.

Helen Veronica Crocken Calvert, died February 23, 1985, at Walker Memorial Hospital, Highlands County, Avon Park, Florida 33825. Time of Death was 2:05 AM.Cause of Death, Cardio Vascular Attack.J. R. Mensink, M. D.105 E. Main Street,Avon Park. Fl. 33825. Fountain Funeral Home, P. O. Box 1643, Avon Park, Fl. 33825, handled arrangements.Lake Forest Crematory of Avon Park, provided cremation services.Informant was Muriel M. Johnson, 2350 N. Monterey Rd., Avon Park, Florida.Services for Helen were held in the Fountain Funeral Home Chapel in Avon Park, Florida, February 25, 1985 at 11:00 A. M.Father Joseph O Brien was the officiating clergy.
Helen was 85 years, 3 months and 3 days old at time of death.Helen was laid to rest with her husband, George M. Calvert, in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, Grave 5463,
Section 18, June 2, 1986.

George Marlow Calvert was born July 27, 1899 at 137Tremontt St. (sic ) in Syracuse, N.Y.There were four other children, when the birth was filed Sept. 13, 1899.His father, George A. Calvert, whose occupation was printer and born in America, was 44 years old at the time.Margaret Connors, also born in America, was 27years old at the time of birth. and Father both white.George A. was born in Troy, N.Y., 1858 andMargaret Connors was born in Cincinnati, Ohio 1872.( Transcript from the register of Live Births as kept in the Bureau of Vital Statistics, County of Onondaga, State of New York, District 3300, Registered Number 134.The Medical Attendant was Theresa Baman. )

NOTE 2007:We have found Margaret Connors on the 1870 Census, listed as Margarette O Connor and having been born in 1869.

At age 16, George traveled to Detroit to live with his married sister, Myrtle Calvert Miller.He enlisted in Detroit, Michigan, May 26, 1917.He gave his age as 18 and was assigned to the famed Red Arrow Division.George was sent to Waco, Texas for training, before shipping overseas.Before he left Syracuse, he was employed as a copy boy at the old Syracuse Citizen newspaper and had also been employed by Thomas M Gaffney, a job printing business.His father, George A.Calvert was employed as a printer for the same newspaper.

He was in the battles at Alsace, 2nd Battle of Marne, Aisne Marne and Champagne.George suffered a bullet wound between the eyes.He lay wounded on the battlefield for three days, before transfer to Base Hospital #6. The report of the Disability Board held at Base Hospital#6, AEF, under G.O. #41, GHQ, AEF, March 14, 1918,and recorded August 16, 1918, by Major Richard C. Cabot, Medical Corp President; Captain Richard F. O'Neil,Medical Corps Member; and 1st Lt. John S. Hodgson, Medical Corps Recorder.

George was sent to the Evergreen Junior, otherwise known as General Hospital # 7 for Blind Soldiers and Sailors in Baltimore, Maryland.This fine old estate was loaned to the government, for $1.00 per year from the Garrett family. The Garrett’s are one of the oldest and wealthiest families in the Baltimore area.John Garrett was President of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad., among other accomplishments.The estate ran from Guilford Road along Cold Spring Lane to just near York Road. The government built barracks, dining room and classrooms for purposes of training these young sightless boys, to become useful citizens of society.A few ofthe many skills taught were animal husbandry, engine repair, operation of news/candy stand, teletype/radio operator, agriculture, typewriting and medical masseur ( a form of physical therapy, practised by blind orientals for hundreds of years.)

Skilled personnel from Johns Hopkins taught this course.The young men were required to learn body parts, skeletal structure, muscles, veins, etc. and used the text, Grays Anatomy. This requiredstudy was to avoid the possibility of injuring their clients. The updated version of this text isbeing used today in medical colleges.George opted to take this course and upon completion was able to pursue this career.The new skills learned at Evergreen would allow these young men to provide for their families and give some purpose to their lives.

While at Evergreen there were many social activities to help them adjust to their disability.A group of young ladies from Baltimore, volunteered to help write letters for the boys.The ladies also attended dances and teas for these veterans.One of the young ladies was Helen Veronica Crocken, of Baltimore, who later became George’s wife.

George was photographed strolling the grounds of Evergreen, with Helen Keller.He was alsofortunate to have met Madame Shuman Heinck ( a noted singer of the day ) while at Evergreen.His charms, even then, were enough to make an impression on this famous singer.Several years later, he asked her to provide entertainment for a Disabled American Veterans National Convention.Of course, she agreed.

George was honorably discharged June 28, 1919.He was Private #261473:-1/cl- Co. B, 125 th Infantry.His discharge paper noted that he was five feet, five inches tall, fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes.He was honorably discharged, by reason of Surgeons Certificate of Disability PP 3 HED June 16, 1919.This was signed by R. R. Decker, Major, Medical Corps, USA at USA General Hospital # 7 June 28, 1919.His physical condition was listed as good, except for eyes.He was listed as being married and of excellent character.Under remarks:Soldier services honest and faithful.No AWOL- No time lost- GO 45/14GO 31/12.Soldier is entitled to travel pay.This portion of discharge signed by Claude L. Edge, 1st Lt. Med Corps USA, CommandingDet of Patients.George was paid in full including $60.00 bonus-$121.65,by Capt, W. B. Bradley Q. M.C. ( transcribed from copy of Discharge Papers. ) George was awarded the Purple Heart and several other medals.

He opened his practice at 209 University Bldg. in downtown Syracuse, N. Y.As he became more involved with veterans affairs, traveling the state and country, he gave up his practice, and devoted the rest of his life to this endeavor.George and several other veterans worked with the Veterans Administration to get established, whatis now the Hospitals for the Veterans Administration.They labored for several years to get the Sweet Bill passed in Congress.Hismany trips to Washington D. C. and Albany, New York paid off, in that many disabled veterans were able to secure pensions or other compensation onthe state and/or federal level.He was also knownas " Doc " Calvert.

In the early 1920's, George founded a company called American War Memorials.The idea was to provide items for unemployed veterans to sell to offices, individuals, etc.One of the most enduring was a small statuette of a doughboy to be used as a paperweight.Flags, were another item available to be sold on a commission basis. Until he was able to hire a secretary, George used a manual L. C. Smith typewriter for general business correspondence.

George also ran for the NY State Assembly and lost by 216 votes, to a man sponsored by William Randolph Hearst.Hearst, previously had purchased the Herald-Journalnewspaper in Syracuse, in hopes of controlling politics locally.Hearst had aspirations to become Governor of New York State and was attempting to build a political machine to influence voters.The political dirtiness of the day, soured George on politics, and he never again attempted to run for public office.

George was an avid poker player, playing with Braille embossed cards. He was also an accomplished swimmer. In addition, despite his handicap, he could play horseshoes and indulge in a game of bowling.The latter two did require a friend to elicit a sound from the target.He maintained his independence, traveling alone by streetcar to his office everyday he was in town. Guide dogs had recently been introduced for the sightless, but George felt he had no need of one.

Twice, he was New York State Commander of the Disabled American Veterans . The first time at the young age of 23, in 1923 and again in 1929.George was the first Commander of Syracuse Post # 8 DAV and held that office twice.George also held several National Offices for the DAV and had he survived would have been National Commander one day.He was Commander of the Mooney Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars in Syracuse, which later merged with another post inthe area. George also was Exalted Ruler of Elks Lodge # 31, 1931.Efforts to determine if he was also a Mason have not been successful.

George died while attending a State Convention of the Disabled American Veterans, in Rome, N.Y., June 7, 1935.The illness that struck him down was the direct result of injuries suffered in France. Funeral services were conducted at his home, 2016 Midland Avenue, Syracuse, N.Y., by B.P.O.E. Lodge # 31, Syracuse.An hour later, his body was placed on a train to Baltimore, Md.Wm. Kompf Funeral Home made the arrangements.The next day a service was conducted at his -in-law's home,Nelson T. Jr. and Delia Agnes Crocken, of 601 Mount Holly St. , Baltimore, Maryland.

June 10, 1935, George was buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Grave # 5463 in Section# 18.The Shriners were having a National Convention in Washington, D. C. at the same time. TheSyracuse contingent of Shriners, marched across the bridge to Arlington and performed their usual ceremony.Efforts are still underway to determine if he was a Shriner.

When George died, his funeral was the largest that Syracuse had ever seen.Telegrams of condolences came from all parts of the United States.His affable manner gained him many friends from all walks of life.

His wife, Helen, lies in Arlington Cemeterywith him today.

ii.MARY ELIZABETH CROCKEN, b. February 19, 1901, Baltimore, Md.; d. December 02, 1954, Manhattan Beach, Severna Park, Maryland; m. LESLIE MORTIMER THOMPSON, Syracuse, N.Y.; b. Rochester, New York; d. Annapolis, Maryland.

Mary Elizabeth Crocken was the second of five children born to Nelson Thomas Crocken Jr, and Delia Knight Crocken.

Mary Crocken followed her older sister, Helen to Syracuse, N. Y.She obtained a job as a legal secretary with a prominent local aw firm.Mary and her younger sister, Margaret inherited their
good looks from their Mother, Delia, who was a very beautiful woman. The family always thought Mary bore a strong resemblance to the Duchess of Windsor.Mary will always be remembered for
her sweet and gentle personality.As a young single professional, she met many influential people on the local scene.One of which,was Leslie "Tommy" Thompson.He courted her and they married and moved to Rochester, Tommy’s home town. There they raised Ted and Pauline.

Several years later, Mary and Tommy moved to Manhattan Beach, Severna Park, Anne Arundel County, Md., on the shores of the agothy River.This was the "Red Shingled Cottage", known as"The Anchorage" that Mary had always desired.Here she could aise her son in quieter surroundings, until he went off to The Hill School (boarding school.)Pauline, by that time had already entered the novtiate ith theSister's of St. Joseph.

The grounds allowed her to exercise her passion for flowers and landscaping.To her delight, she found an established asparagus bed among the flower gardens.Like her older sister, she took great pride in her home, and enjoyed decorating and maintaining it, until her death, which came unexpectedly and too soon.

Mary died from a fall at home, causing a Bilateral Subdural Hemorrhage. ( An autopsy was performed, according to Maryland State Death Certificate 24, Reg. Dist. 11134.Burial was in Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Md., December 6, 1954.Funeral Directorwas Hopping Kirkley Funeral Home, 421 Crain Highway, SE;Glen Burnie, Md. )

Leslie Thompson was a native of Rochester and was associated with U. S. Life Insurance Co., while there.He was an alumnus of Syracuse University and a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity.He was also affiliated with the Maryland Yacht nd Navy Club.During their years in Rochester, New York, he was a member of the Rochester Yacht Club.Services were conductedat Hedges
Memorial. Burial was at Riverside Cemetery, Rochester, New York

Leslie Thompson, aka "Tommy" was fond of sailing.He was able to dock his sailboat, a 27 ft. sloop with a 25 horsepower inboard engine, in front of the cottage, known as " The Anchorage " on the Severn River.His greatest pleasure was sailing down the Severn into Chesapeake Bay.He was a skilled sailor, in that he could "tack" most of the way to the Bay.Tommy was willing to teach anyone who wanted to learn, the definition of a spinnaker, mainsail, jib, etc.He would entrust the tiller to
those he thought capable to handle the myriad duties of the skipper.

Survivors were two daughters,Mrs. Johanne T. Payne of Fayetteville, New York,Mrs. Leslie Jean Burnham of Syracuse, New York and son, A Tefft Thompson of Baltimore, Md., and two grandchildren.

iii.NELSON JOSEPH CROCKEN, b. March 14, 1903, Baltimore, Md.; d. August 18, 1989, Lakeland, Florida; m. (1) EVA LOUISE COLE; b. February 08, 1901; d. December 1985; m. (2) ETHLYN AUSTIN; b. September 13, 1907, Fourtinville, New York; d. June 1995, Lakeland Memorial Hospital, Lakeland, Florida..

Notes for NELSON JOSEPH CROCKEN:, the third of five children born to Nelson Thomas Crocken, Jr. and Delia Knight Crocken.

Nelson application for aSocial Security card indicates he was living at 1917 Wilhelm St. and was employed by Asphalt Roofing Co., at 2014 N. Charles Street. in Baltimore.In his early years, he followed his father and grandfather's careers, as a painter, with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

He married Eva Louise Cole. They had three children Gloria, Helen and Nelson Joseph.

When he retired he moved with his second wife, Ethlyn Austin to Lakeland, Florida.

Nelson passed away August 18 1989.He had suffered for a number of years with emphyasema.

Ethlyn Austin Crocken was second wife of Nelson Joseph Crocken.She had daughter Marilyn from previous marriage. Ethlyn had been a registered nurse before retirement.

Ethlyn died June 12, 1995 at Lakeland Regional Medical Center.Cause of death, Pneumonia.She was cremated and her cremains were sent to her daughter.Heath Funeral Home, 328 S. Ingraham Ave, Lakeland, Florida 33801 was in charge of arrangments.Mark Freman M. D. 2112 Lakeland Hills Blvd., Lakeland, Florida 33805 was attending Physician.Information from
Florida Death Certificate 95075445, Local File Number PC 05904.B2237019, June 28th, 1995.
Ethlyn and Nelson had lived at Presbyterian Apartments, 530 South Florida Avenue, Polk County, Lakeland, Florida.

iv.NORA THERESA CROCKEN, b. November 07, 1908, Baltimore, Maryland; d. May 14, 2001, Clearwater, Florida; m. (1) JOHN W. CLONEY; b. April 05, 1907; d. August 29, 1979; m. (2) JULIUS WOHLER.

,She was the fourth of five children forNelson Thomas Crocken, Jr. and Delia Knight Crocken

Nora Theresa Crocken Cloneyworked for a roofing company in her early career and later became part owner.She soon moved into the Real Estate Sales business, associating with Butler & Neal Realtor’s in the Baltimore area.Her skills in sales, helped her to forge ahead and form her own company.Her husband, John Cloney, assumed the management of the office and made good use of his accounting skills.Nora Cloney & Co., Inc. Realtors, were located 7818 Liberty Road, corner of Washington

Nora and John both played the piano. When they moved to Florida, he bought an organ and theycontinued to amuse themselves and friends with performances and sing a longs.

When Nora and John decide to retire, the business was sold and they moved to Florida.Nora soon became active in local politics and was appointedMayor of Redington Shores.She was elected to that office for the following term.Some lively town meetings were held when she was the Mayor.(Sometimes shouting and name calling)

Nora Crocken Cloney died May 14, 2001, at Clearwater Center Nursing Home, 1270 Turner St.,
Clearwater, Pinellas County, Florida 33756.Time of death was 8:50 AM.Cause of Death, multiple deceases of the elderly. Nora was 92 years of age.Ali Saifi, M. D., 1399 Hamlet Avenue, Clearwater, Fl., was certifying physician.Abbey Parklawn Funeral Home, 2966 Belcher Road, Palm Harbor, Fl. 34683, facilitated her body to the ABC Crematory, Palm Harbor, Fl.

Nora wished to have her remains sprinkled in the Gulf of Mexico.


ix.. November 03, 1913, Baltimore, Md.; d. April 23, 2001, South Pasedena, Florida; m. LEWIS H. WEISS; b. 1901; d. March 10, 1986, South Pasedena, Florida.

The fifth child of Nelson Thomas Crocken Jr. and Delia Knight Crocken.

Margaretwas our"Glamour Girl".She had great style,always well dressed and coifed.Marge had
a successful career with the Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co. inBaltimore, Md.
She was active in the Telephone Operators Union and eventually became President.This was a position she held for 20 years.

Marge and her husband, Lew retired to Florida in 1961.He continued to practice law as a parttime
occupation.They settled in the Gulf Coast area, Redington Shores.Her last residence in Florida was
10188 45th Street, North,Pinellas Park.

After Marge's sister Mary passed away, Mary's daughter, Sister Marie Albertdeveloped a closer relationship with Marge and Lew.Lew had children from a previous marriage, but they had none of their own. Sister Marie Albert (known affectionately as "Sis") became like a surrogate daughter to Marge.Sis provided much comfort to Marge after Lew passed away.

Marge Weiss died 6:10 P.M.,April 22, 2001, at The Health and Rehabilitation Centre at Dolphins View, South Pasedena, Pinellas County, Florida.Blount, Curry & Roel Funeral Home, 301 Corey Avenue, St. Pete Beach, Florida, handled the arrangements.She was entombed with her husband at Royal Palm Cemetery, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Cinda F. Diegalman, 4526 100th Avenue Park, Florida 33782, was the informant.Cinda had known and worked with Marge at theC & P Telephone Co.After Cinda moved to Florida, they renewed their friendship. Cinda was a very good friend to Marge, helpingwith groceries, doctors appointments, etc.Cinda also selected the time for services, 2:00 P.M., on the premise that Marge was not a morning person.Cinda knew her friend well and was sure Marge would have approved.Two of her Nieces and two of her great Nieces would agree.

Notes for LEWIS H. WEISS:
Lewis Weiss worked for many years for the C & P Telephone Co., in Baltimore, Md.He studied
law at night and when he passed the bar, set up his own practice in Silver Springs, Md.He

continued to practice parttime in Redington Shores, Florida.

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